How Your Company Can Reduce Its Environmental Impact

The fires are finally decreasing in Northern California and people are starting to rebuild their lives after devastating hurricanes in Puerto Rico, Texas and Florida in the last few weeks.

At the current rate we’re going, climate scientists have recently shared that in the future we will experience less hurricanes overall, but will see an increase in Category 4 or 5 hurricanes. Heat waves in places where they do not normally occur will happen more often in locations that hadn’t experienced this phenomenon in the past. Groundwater will be drier, which means that wildfires can spread more easily in many parts of the world.

The environment links communities, people, and businesses. Despite these challenging examples of severe weather events, we can work together to discover new opportunities for our businesses that do not come at the earth’s expense.

What You Can Do

As a business owner or an employee who cares about how the company you work for, there are many simple actions you can take to support it in creating a lighter footprint on earth. Instead of simply decreasing and measuring emissions, a new goal of many companies is to entirely reverse climate change with the solutions provided in Paul Hawken’s new book, Drawdown. If you are someone in your company who is responsible for making decisions about its sustainability strategy, I highly recommend reading this book. If you are someone who would like to make these types of decisions for your company, I also highly recommend reading this book.

Many business leaders that I’ve spoken to over the past few months about their company’s sustainability initiatives have told me about their incredibly innovative campaigns that support their company’s climate change strategies. A few have already integrated Hawken’s ideas into their plans. I look forward to sharing these stories with you soon so that you can use them as inspiration for your sustainability initiatives!