Recap of the Green Wisdom book release party with BC3

I’m happy to share that the Green Wisdom Book Release party in San Francisco last month was a success!

It was so fun to be in the same room with EcoTuesday friends who I hadn’t seen in years, with friends from the Presidio Graduate School, former work colleagues, and family. 

Writing Green Wisdom was quite a journey and it felt great to be together with so many people who supported me along the way. 

The event was spearheaded by Maura Fallon-McKnight, Executive Director of the Business Council on Climate Change (BC3) and gracefully supported by Christina Armor and Maggie Torpey-Murray. Christina shared about BC3’s incredible Sun Shares program, which uses group buying power to make it easy for Bay Area residents to access solar and electric vehicles. The San Francisco Department of the Environment was the perfect venue compliment to the values of Green Wisdom. If you haven’t seen the view Nikki Pava Green Wisdomfrom this space-it’s worth a trip! 

During the event I shared that A few years ago I had an idea to write a little ebook that I could give away on my Alegria Partners website. Then that idea started to expand. Soon after, I was reaching out to sustainability professionals to ask them if I could interview them for what was becoming a book completely focused on how Sustainability Teams work and succeed.

Nikki Pava Green WisdomMy little seed of an idea continued to grow into Green Wisdom!

What is your idea that is a seed right now?

How can you cultivate it and nourish it so that it can grow? What kind of support do you need to help make this happen?

Thanks so much to everyone who attended – it was really fantastic to see you all!

And with that, I will leave you with a beautiful photo of the San Francisco skyline, taken from the office of the Department of the Environment. Other shots include Maura and me, good friends Joan Bordow and Ken Vanosky, and my children having fun being in charge of the bookstore. Enjoy!