Latest Events Around the EPA

At Alegria Partners we’re passionate about seeing sustainable values implemented successfully in companies and in the economy. This is why the recent appointment of Scott Pruitt as the new head of the EPA is so disturbing.

First of all, Pruitt has extremely close ties with the fossil fuel industry. As Attorney General of Oklahoma, he dissolved the state’s Environmental Protection Unit and since then has led approximately 13 lawsuits against the EPA. Many of us who care about the environment and the future of our water and air are scratching our heads at this appointment.

Recent reports state that the EPA’s funding will be cut by 31%. This could mean less regulation for businesses that emit toxic pollutants into the air, in addition to having a negative impact on the quality of our nation’s wetlands and other bodies of water (to name a few possibilities).

What You Can Do

One of the most effective actions that you can take as a US citizen right now to create change is to call your Senator to share with her/him how you feel, and also urge her/him to do everything in their power to stop Pruitt’s actions to dismantle the EPA. (Find your Senator’s number easily on


  • If you work at a company that is focusing on any type of sustainability initiative, jump in and help make it successful.
  • If you are a customer of a business that is participating in actions that are detrimental to your local environment, call their customer service number and ask to talk to the head of the company. Why not try it?
  • If you are a sustainability consultant who works with companies on social and environmental issues, do what you can to make an even deeper impact.

I give a few tips on some simple yet effective actions you can take to support businesses make positive steps in this Wisdom Hour video

Your company’s sustainability path is important for our future. Please contact me for a complimentary consultation. I would love to help you design a sustainability program that is strategic and measurable.