How Your Business Can Support The Amazon

I know that if you’re reading this newsletter, you also know that huge parts of the Amazon rainforest are on fire. Right now, it is a challenge to concentrate on anything else.

Unlike the human-created fires in California last year that resulted from sparks from a PG&E transistor, these fires started as a result of deforestation so that the land could be used for cattle ranches and soy plantations.

On a personal level, we can donate to the many non-profits that are on the front lines of this crisis, such as the Rainforest Action Network and Amazon Watch.

But what about your business? Even if it is a small or medium-sized business, it has the power to take action.

Follow WeWork’s lead and create a meat-free environment in the workplace. There are many hours in the day to get a meat-fix, if needed! Creating a company policy that supports the planet is a good way to demonstrate your company’s environmental commitment.

Another way your business can support positive change in the Amazon is to create an event to raise funds to financially support the indigenous people who actually live in the Amazon.

It would take some volunteer hours, but a bike race where team members gathered money for each mile traveled would not only cultivate employee unity but would also make a difference in the lives of others. There are many other possibilities for a crowdsourced donation from the thoughtful people in your company (to one of the organizations above). These funds would go a LONG way!