Book Focused On Sustainability Teams Coming

I’m writing a book focused on “Climate Action Teams” within companies.

Oftentimes in the past, these teams were unofficially organized and members would meet every few weeks when their schedules allowed. Many teams didn’t have a clear vision for their future and had no influence or connection to the company’s core mission.

The role of the green team was to solely organize an Earth Day event. All of these efforts were more for “show” than to effectively achieve long-term social or environmental results.

Now, groups of people in this capacity are more structured. Their responsibilities are central to the company’s mission with specific goals and milestones in place to achieve success. Their efforts are now mandated by the company as its own functional group and integrated into the business model. Initiatives are measured and the data is included in annual reports.

How do these team members work together? How do these teams integrate with the rest of the company? What do they do to regain momentum when breakdowns occur? What are their best practices that can be replicated so that teams in other companies can use to make strides in their own industries?

These are some of the questions that the new book will answer.

Readers will learn through mini “case studies” featuring interviews from leaders at New Resource Bank, Acterra, Patagonia, Interface, Shareable, SXSW Eco and more.

Do you know of a company with a stellar Climate Action Team? Please go to the contact page and drop me a line if you have a connection to someone at a company that would be a good fit for this book.