Take A Stand For The Climate And Strike Today!

It seems that the huge shifts of consciousness over the past few decades have been led by the younger generations. The solutions for the climate crisis will come from innovative young people who are shaking the ground so that older generations will listen to FACTS. When a politician asks a climate activist, “why should we listen to the scientists?” about climate change facts, my stomach churns. Yes, this really happened.

Why wouldn’t we listen to scientists? Luckily, the climate activists are completely grounded in their convictions.

Today people young and old will be striking, marching and rallying in cities all over the planet to raise awareness about the realities of the plight of the human race. In my opinion, the planet will be fine. It will adapt as it has many times in its existence.

It’s the human race that needs saving. Humans can’t exist without clean air and clean water so we all need to focus on making sure we take care of those two important aspects.

Will you be marching? Striking? Rallying? Making posters? Singing songs?

Many companies are completely shutting their doors today, for the entire day or for a few hours, to be in solidarity with the climate strikers (and so the employees can join in themselves). Here is a list of some of the companies. Two of the companies featured in Green Wisdom are closing their doors. Thank you Dr. Bronner’s and Badger Balm for your social and environmental leadership!

Never before has this happened in the history of climate marches. The people who lead these companies know that they have an impact on the climate crisis just by being in business, yet these leaders are taking bold steps to demonstrate that they are “walking their talk” and taking action to mitigate their effects on the environment.

As soon as this blog post is uploaded, Alegria Partners will strike for the remainder of the day!