Start, Engage, Energize Your Employee Engagement Program Online Course

Create a solid plan to engage fellow teammates on the journey to sustainability.

The Earth Day event last year went well and you and your teammates are interested in more ways to contribute to a more sustainable business. You’re ready to create more than once-a-year events that showcase your company’s social and environmental values.


  • You’ve never done this before and you’re not sure where or how to start.
  • You’ve searched online for the perfect frameworks for your company but haven’t found anything that fits your specific needs.
  • Or, you have put efforts into creating a team in the past yet the momentum has slowed and needs more energy

This 4-week online course is for people in small to medium-sized businesses that are ready to take their company’s sustainability initiatives to the next level. You will build an employee engagement for sustainability program that is specific to your company’s business model and culture.

During our 4 weeks together, we will:

  • Create a list of desired results from your sustainability team’s actions
  • Establish the key players of the sustainability team and brainstorm how to get Executive Support (from whom? how will they help?)
  • Create a plan to recruit/enroll (new) team members
  • Identify core social and environmental impacts
  • Develop an overarching action plan and timeline to achieve goals that are in alignment with your corporate mission
  • Learn about innovative, engaging programs that bring results and inspire participation
  • Learn about resources you can use to track and measure success
  • Learn about local, regional, national, or international standards boards and certification organizations that will help your company calibrate current benchmarks and support you in achieving your goals and improving future performance

Course Infrastructure – 4 weekly modules

  • Reading material before each session focused on the module topic
  • Weekly 60-minute group webinar session via Zoom to enhance group learning and discussion
  • Weekly 30-minute 1:1 session via Zoom to discuss topics relevant to your company
  • Weekly group support through an online discussion platform

This online program is for:

  • Employees at all levels who want to start a sustainability program to connect their passions with their career
  • Human Resource managers that are focused on creating programs that help to retain employees who desire a sense of purpose and contribution to a greater good
  • Managers who want to integrate sustainable process that help the company save resources and money

This program will support you in transforming your grassroots efforts into a finely-tuned team. Each week you will receive useful, relevant information that you can easily and quickly apply to your situation.

You will have a trusted partner throughout the entire process of creating your sustainability initiatives.

As a result, you will have a more robust, concrete employee engagement plan focused on your social and environmental values.

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