Employee Engagement Program Strategy Consulting

Developing an engaging program is incredibly important to every business. Do you have an employee engagement program focused on sustainability initiatives? 

Alegria Partners can design a step-by-step plan that can get your company’s employee engagement program off the ground and reach your corporate milestones.

We can also support the leaders and everyone on an already-established sustainability team if your company’s program needs to be revitalized.

Either way, we will create practices that are strategic, mobilizing, measurable and fun for everyone.

We work with your company’s team leader to:

  • Assess current activities and identify strengths and weaknesses and pinpoint what matters most to your company
  • Create a team by developing messaging that is attractive to people in all departments
  • Develop a strategic roadmap that involves all key stakeholders and optimizes the impact of the activities
  • Implement the program and fine-tune actions along the way
  • Track and measure your success!

Benefits of a sustainability employee engagement program:

Financial Incentives: companies lower costs through more efficient processes and enjoy more tax benefits for government sustainability programs.

Growth Opportunities: employees that participate learn valuable organizational, interpersonal, managerial, communication and leadership skills that can easily transfer to other areas of the business.

Connection to Community: be an active part of creating a sustainable future and demonstrate your company’s commitment to making the community a healthier, greener place to live through education and relationship building.

Happy Team Members: employee productivity increases when team members are engaged and feel they are making a difference.

After our initial meeting, we can discuss the duration of our engagement based on your company’s needs. Alegria Partners can serve as the leader of your engagement team, work as an extension of your staff, or support you and your team ongoingly with tools and frameworks – you decide.


We’re passionate about expanding the reach of your company’s environmental and social efforts. Contact Nikki today for a free 30 minute consultation.

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