The Sustainable Path

by | Mar 7, 2016 | Blog |

After spending a year interviewing the CEOs of multinational corporations in Dubai, Bangkok, and Berlin, I realized that very few of those in leadership positions cared about either the environment or the surrounding communities. This was a pivotal point in my career as I was deeply aware of the influence that major companies have on the mindset of entire cultures. What could I do on my path of sustainability to bridge this important gap?

A few years later, while attending the Presidio School of Management (now called Presidio Graduate School), I started an event in San Francisco called EcoTuesday. EcoTuesday is a structured networking event for sustainable business professionals of all types. Up to 350 people attended the event each month and was held in 14 other cities across the country (including Los Angeles, Portland, and even Detroit). Businesses were hatched and partnerships were made at each event. It was a great way for me to contribute to the sustainable business community.

Between late 2010 and early 2013 two gorgeous girls came into my life. I focused most of my energy on raising these two lovely beings and felt all the triumphs and tribulations of incorporating motherhood into the life that had been focused on career.

Between the births of these two little ones, I also experienced the birth of Alegria Partners.

Most recently, our family relocated to Costa Rica with the goal of spending more time in nature. In 2015 Costa Rica achieved 99% renewable energy use and is on track to become carbon neutral by 2021. So far, it is the perfect location for our family to blossom AND for me to focus on working with mission-driven companies and organizations reach their sustainability goals. I have big plans to bring sustainability mavens from all over the world together in this beautiful place. Stay tuned!

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